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Лекция 10:

Learning and teaching

Аннотация: Seating, name, teacher talk time, use of questions, ways of differentiating, managing interruptions, learning styles – Lesson Stages and Plans.


At the end of this module you will:

  • understand the overall aims of TESOL
  • know how to facilitate communication
  • know techniques which encourage students to become ‘active learners’
  • have considered ‘differentiation’ as a key part of teaching
  • have considered ‘assessment for learning’ as a part of everyday teaching and planning

Classroom management

The overall aim of teaching English to speakers of other languages is to involve all the students all the time. We want to have active learners who are following the lesson, building on what they learn and feeling that they are achieving something .

Remember that we are teaching communication, this means we want our students to talk (in English of course). If you come from a teaching background where everyone is supposed to be getting on with work quietly then this may be a bit of a shock for you. But think of it this way:

You have very little teaching time and the students need to learn a great deal if they are to achieve any degree of fluency or if their goal is to pass an exam.

Many of your students, if they are living in their own country, have an opportunity to speak English only in class so you need to maximise their interaction time.

Along with discipline, this has to be the subject that teachers worry about most! But assessment does not just mean ‘tests’ and ‘examinations’. If you assess something you work out how efficient or inefficient it is. Is it working well or does it need something different or extra? As well as your students, you can, for example, assess your living room to see if it needs painting or assess your route to work to see if it is the best way to go. Class assessment can be divided into two main types:

Formative assessment and Summative assessment

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