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Study Skills

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Аннотация: How best to organise your study time.
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At the end of this unit you will:

  • know the importance of planning your study
  • know that there are ways of working which aid your memory
  • have set out a timetable for your course
  • have given yourself the best chance of fulfilling your potential

Though we all spend our formative years studying, most of us are never taught how to study. Most people leave school with little confidence in their ability to learn; this percentage could be greatly reduced if they were taught how to learn.

This is nothing to do with intelligence or 'being clever', it is to do with using effective techniques.

People learn in different ways so you need to find out what works best for you. Much of this can be done by looking at ways of learning which you have used in the past and remembering which worked well for you. The following questions should prompt you to start looking at ways of learning:-

  1. What do you find easy to remember?
  2. What do you find difficult to remember?
  3. What helps you to remember?
  4. Do you have your own style of shorthand?
  5. Is it easy to read your shorthand later?
  6. Do you ever use the notes which you have made?
  7. Do you read every word on a page to find a piece of information?
  8. Do you study at times best suited for studying?
  9. Can you keep yourself motivated?

Hopefully, by the end of this unit you will know how to improve some of your study skills and maybe you will have acquired new ones. All are aimed at making you study more effectively. This may mean that you reach the end of the course more quickly and that you gain more knowledge from the course and/or gain better grades.

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