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Лекция 6:

Post-installation configuration

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Configuring the keyboard

You can select a number of options for the keyboard, including alternative key layouts. You probably won't need to change anything here.

xf86cfg keyboard menu

Рис. 6.11. xf86cfg keyboard menu
Describing the monitor

Probably the most important thing you need to change are the definitions for the monitor and the display card. Some modern monitors and most AGP display cards supply the information, but older devices do not. In this example we'll configure a Hitachi CM813U monitor, which does not identify itself to x/86cfg. Select the monitor image at the top right of the window, then Configure Monitor(s). You see:

Рис. 6.12.

xf86cfg doesn't know anything about the monitor, so it assumes that it can only display standard VGA resolutions at 640x480. The important parameters to change are the horizontal and vertical frequencies. You can select one of the listed possibilities, but unless you don't know your's monitor specifications, you should set exactly the frequencies it can do. In this case, the monitor supports horizontal frequencies from 31 kHz to 115 kHz and vertical frequencies from 50 Hz to 160 Hz, so that's what we enter. At the same time, we change the identifier to indicate the name of the monitor:

 xf86cfg monitor menu

Рис. 6.13. xf86cfg monitor menu

Select OK to return to the previous menu.

Configuring the display card

xf86cfg recognizes most modern display cards, including probably all AGP cards, so you probably don't need to do anything additional to configure the display card. If you find that the resultant configuration file doesn't know about your card, you'll have to select the card symbol at the top of the screen. Even if the card has been recognized, you get this display:

Рис. 6.14.

The only indication you have that xf86cfg has recognized the card (here a Matrox G200) is that it has selected mga for the driver name. If you need to change it, scroll down the list until you find the card:

xf86cfg card select menu

Рис. 6.15. xf86cfg card select menu
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