Интеллектуальные сенсоры

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ISBN: 978-5-9963-0124-9
Специальности: Разработчик аппаратуры
  • 3.
    Amarasinghe R. et al
    Design and fabrication of miniaturized six-degree of freedom piezoresistive acceleromete
  • 4.
    Anderson R. R., Parrish J. A
    The optics of human skin
  • 5.
    Arensman R
    Mini-microphones make big market waves
  • 6.
    Bard A. J., Faulkner L. R
    Electrochemical Methods and Applications
  • 7.
    Baird Ch. I., Myszka D. G
    Current and emerging commercial optical biosensors
  • 8.
    Barker S. J. and Tremper K. K
    Pulse oximetry
  • 9.
    Barker S. J. and Tremper K. K
    Pulse oximetry: applications and limitations
  • 10.
    Bedoya М., Diez M. T., Moreno-Bondi M. C., Orellana G
    Humidity sensing with a luminescent Ru(II) complex and phase-sensitive detection
  • 11.
    Berger J. L., Brissot J., Cazaux Y., Descure P
    A Line Transfer Color Image Sensor with 576x462 Pixels
  • 12.
    Beus Sh
  • 13.
    Biagiotti V., Tamburri E. еt all, Valentini F.
    Synthesis and characterization of polymeric films and nanotubule nets used to assemble selective sensors for nitrite detection in drinking water
  • 14.
    Bilger W., Johnsen T. and Schreiber U
    UV-excited chlorophyll fluorescence as a tool for the assessment of UV-protection by the epidermis of plants
  • 15.
    Bilger H. W., Longe O. L, Shreiber V.
    Determination of leaf heat resistance: comparative investi gation of chlorophyll fluorescence changes and tissue necrosis methods
  • 16.
    Blanc V. F., Haig M., Troli M. and Sauve B
    Computerized photoplethysmography of the finger
  • 17.
    Bruls W. A. G. and Van der Leun J. C
    Forward scattering properties of human epidermal layers
  • 18.
    Bruulsema J. T., Essenpreis M., Heinemann L. et al
    Detection of Changes in Blood Glucose Concentration in-vivo with Spatially Resolved Diffuse Reflectance
  • 19.
    Budnyk M. M., Chaikovsky I. A., Voytovych I. D. et al
    Supersensitive magnetocardiographic system for early identification and monitoring of heart diseases (Medical Applications)
  • 20.
    Budnyk M. M., Minov Yu. D., Voytovych I. D. et al
    Supersensitive magnetocardiographic system for early identification and monitoring of heart diseases (hardware)
  • 21.
    Budnik N., Sosnitsky V., Vojtovich I. et all
    Pulse-relaxation oscillation SQUID-magnitometer
  • 22.
    Budnyk M., Gapelyuk A. et al, Voytovych I.
    Computer-aided bioimagnetic investigation systems
  • 23.
    Cameron B. D., Corde H., Cote G. L
    Development of an Optical Polarimeter for in vivo Glucose Monitoring
  • 24.
    Cano-Raya C., Capitan-Vallvey L. F, Fernandez-Ramos M. D., Gomez-Sanchez J.
    Irreversible optical sensor for mercury determination based on tetraarylborate decomposition
  • 26.
    Chen Po-Jui, Humayun M. S. and Tai Yu-Chong, Rodger D. C.
    Unpowered spiral-tube parylene pressure sensor for intraocular pressure sensing
  • 27.
    Ching-Liang Dai
    A capacitive humidity sensor integrated with micro heater and ring oscillator circuit fabricated by CMOS–MEMS technique
  • 28.
    Bernhardt R. and Pyun J. C, Chung J. W., Kim S. D.
    Application of SPR biosensor for medical diagnostics of human hepatitis B virus (hHBV)
  • 29.
    Chuvashov V. D
    New methods and facilities for polarization refractometry
  • 30.
    Colin K. Campbell
    Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Mobile and Wireless Communications. – Boston: Academic Press, 2000. – 1633 p
  • 31.
    Dallimore S. R., Davis J. L
    Ground probing radar investigations of measure ground ice and near surface geology in continuousness permafrost
  • 32.
    Annan A. R., Davis J. L., Killey R. W. D., Vaughan C
    Surface and borehole ground-penetrating radar surveys for mapping geological structure
  • 33.
    Barker J., Dawson J. B., Ellis D. J. et all
    A theoretical and experimental study of light absorption and scattering by in vivo skin
  • 34.
    Compton S, DeBlase F. J.
    Infrared emission spectroscopy: a theoretical and experimental review
  • 35.
    Del Prete, Monteleone L. and Steindler R, Z.
    A novel pressure array sensor based on contact resistance variation metrological properties
  • 36.
    De Trafford J. C. and Lafferty K
    What does photoplethysmography measure?
  • 37.
    Diffey B. L
    A mathematical model for ultraviolet optics in skin
  • 38.
    Fedack V., Kytaev O., Romanov V., Voytovych I
    Portable chronofluorometer for express-diagnostics of photosynthesis
  • 39.
    Freitas R. A. Jr
    Exploratory Design in Medical Nanotechnology: A Mechanical Artificial Red Cell. Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Immobile
  • 40.
    Freitas R. A. Jr
    Nanomedicine, Volume IIA: Biocompatibility
  • 41.
    Garshka Ev. L., Giriuniene R
    Electronic processes in acoustoresistive sensors
  • 42.
    Genty B
    Effects of drought on primary photosyntetic processes of cotton leaves
  • 43.
    Gigante G., Mugnaini S., Staderini E. M
  • 44.
    Gilmour D. J
    The effect of ionic stress on photosynthesis in Duraliella tetriolecta: chlorophyll fluorescence kinetiks and spectral characteristics
  • 45.
    Girousi S., Ozkan D., Ozsoz M
    Electrochemical DNA biosensors for the detection of infectious and inherited diseases considering public health and environment
  • 46.
    Bode B. W., Einhorn D. et al, Gross T. M.
    Performance evaluation of the MiniMed continuous glucose monitoring system during patient home use
  • 47.
    Gross T. M., Mastrototaro J. J
    Efficacy and Reliability of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
  • 48.
    Brahim S., Guiseppi-Ehe A., Slaughter G., Ward K. R
    Design of Subcutaneous Implantable Biochip for Monitoring of Glucose and Lactate
  • 49.
    Havaux M., Lannoye R
    Effects of chilling temperatures on prompt and delayed chlorophyll fluorescence in maice and barley leaves
  • 50.
    Havaux M., Lannoye R
    In vivo chlorophyll fluorescence and delayed light emission as rapid screening techniques for stress tolerance in Crop plants
  • 51.
    Heer K.-P
    Intelligente Stellungsregler nutzen Piezoventile und Magnetsensor
  • 52.
    Heise H. M., Janatsch G., Kruse-Jarres J. D, Marbach R.
    Determination of Glucose in Whole Blood Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy
  • 53.
    Gries F. A, Heise H. M., Koschinsky Th., Marbach M. R.
    Noninvasive blood glucose sensors based on near-infrared spectroscopy
  • 54.
    Gauglitz G, Homola J., Yee S. S.
    Surface plasmon resonance sensors: Rewiew
  • 55.
    Houck Richard T
    Measuring the electrical properties of coal using ground-penetrating radar
  • 57.
    Dumania P, Jachowicz R. S.
    Evalyation of thin-film humidity sensor type MSP–MOS
  • 59.
    Danzer K. et al, Fischbacher C., Jagemann K.-U.
    Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Non-Invasive Determination of Blood/Tissue Glucose Using Neural Networks
  • 60.
    James D. Taylor
    Introduction to Ultra-Wideband Radar Systems
  • 61.
    Jaremko J., Rorstad O
    Advances Toward the Implantable Artificial Pancreas for Treatment of Diabete
  • 63.
    Johnston K. S., Mar M., Yee S. S
    Prototype of multi-channel planar substrate SPR probe
  • 64.
    et al, Fagerstam L., Ivarsson B., Jonsson U.
    Real-time biospecific interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance and a sensor chip technology
  • 65.
    Kajiwara K., Kishikawa H. et al, Uemura T.
    Non-invasive Measurement of Blood Glucose Concentrations by Analyzing Fourier Transform Infrared Absorbance Spectra Through Oral Mucosa
  • 66.
    Johnston K.S., Jung C.C, Karlsen S.R., Yee S.S.
    First order surface plasmon resonance sensor system based on a planar light pipe
  • 67.
    Hirsch A, Kautsky H.
    Neue Versuche zur Kohlensaureassimilation
  • 68.
    Fomenko I., Kermani B. G., Kotseroglou T. et all
    Decoding beads in a randomly assembled optical nose
  • 69.
    Knoll G.F
    Radiation Detection and Measurement
  • 70.
    Fumihito Arai, Kohei Motoo, Toshio Fukuda et all
    High sensitive touch sensor with piezoelectric thin film for pipetting works under microscope
  • 71.
    Ditrichova D., Kolarova H., Wagner J
    Penetration of the laser light into the skin in vitro
  • 72.
    Korsunsky V. M., Palagin O. V., Romanov V. O., Vojtovych I. D
    Noninvasive research of the condition of microcirculatory channel of blood circulation system
  • 73.
    Kretschman E
    Die Bestimmung optischer Konstanten von Metallen durch Anregung von Oberflachenplasmonschwingungen
  • 74.
    Kretschman E., Roether H
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung
  • 75.
    Jakoby B, Kohl F., Kuntner J.
    Simultaneous thermal conductivity and diffusivity sensing in liquids using a micromachined device
  • 76.
    Lai-Kwan Chau, Shu-Fang Cheng and Tsao-Jen Ein, Yi-Fang Lin
    Fiber-optic chemical and biochemical probes based on localized surface plasmon resonance
  • 77.
    Lang H.P
    Cantilever array sensors
  • 78.
    Leung A., Shankar P. M. and Mutharasan Raj
    A review of fiber-optic biosensors
  • 79.
    Lichtenthaler H.K
    The Kautsky effect: 60 years of chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics
  • 80.
    Li Y., Ling M., Yang M., Zhu Y
    Surface acoustic wave humidity sensors based on poly(p-diethynylbenzene) and sodium polysulfonesulfonate
  • 81.
    Landau J. I. et al, Malchoff C. D., Shoukri K.
    A Novel Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitor
  • 82.
    Gries F. A., Heise H. M, Koschinsky Th., Marbach R.
    Non-invasive Blood Glucose Assay by Near-Infrared Diffue Reflectance Spectroscopy of the Human Inner Lip
  • 83.
    Markey F
    Biacore 3000 – primed to perfection
  • 84.
    Markstadter Е. А
    Epidermal transmittance of leaves of Vicia faba for UV radiation as determined by two different methods
  • 85.
    Fischer B., Marshall N., Quesser H.J
    Dispersion of Surface Plasmons in InSb
  • 86.
    Ichirou Yamagucki, Masayuki Yokota, Takeshi Kenmochi and Toshihiko Yoshino, Yuji Sato
    A compact polarimetric glucose sensor using a high-performance fibre-optic Faradey rotator
  • 88.
    Godel E. at all, Minic J., Persuy M.-A.
    Functional expression of olfactory receptors in yeast and development of a bioassay for odorant screening
  • 89.
    Monk P. M. S
    Fundamentals of Electroanalytical Chemistry
  • 90.
    Myszka D. G
    Survey of the 1998 optical biosensor literature
  • 91.
    Nedayvoda I. V., Primin M. A., Vasylyev V. E., Voytovych I. D
    Supersensitive magnetocardiographic system for early identification and monitoring of heart diseases (software)
  • 92.
    Neul R
    Micromachined angular rate sensors for automotive applications
  • 93.
    Essenpreis M. et all, Hermann M., Nickell S.
    Anisotropy of light propagation in human skin
  • 94.
    Norton P. R
    Infrared in the next millenium
  • 95.
    Nowak H
    Biomagnetism / Magnetism in Medicine
  • 96.
    Olеsberg J. T
    Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring in the 2.0 – 2.5 ?m Wavelength Range
  • 97.
    Olsen E. S
    Acoustical solutions in the design of a measurement microphone for surface mounting
  • 98.
    Omar S. Khalil
    Spectroscopic and clinical Aspects of Noninvasive Glucose Measurements
  • 99.
    Crotzer D. R., Falcone R
    Pat. 5 273 777 USA. Metod for manufacturing hygristors
  • 100.
    Rosenthal R. D.
    Pаt. 5,703,364 USA. Method, apparatus for near-infrared quantitative analysis
  • 101.
    Merrill R. B
    Pat. 6632701 USA. Vertical color filter detector group and array
  • 102.
    Pinnaduwage L. A
    Moore’s law in homeland defense: an integrated sensor platform based on silicon microcantilevers
  • 103.
    Pologe J. A
    Pulse oximery: technical aspects of machine design
  • 104.
    Rajan S. C. and Gupta B. D
    Fabrication and characterization of a surface plasmon resonance based fiber-optic sensor for bittering component Naringin
  • 105.
    Brown C. W., Letcher S. V, Rand A. G., Ye J.
    Оptical Biosensors for Food Pathogen Detection
  • 106.
    Ratches J. A
    Night vision modeling: historical perspective
  • 107.
    Reago D. A
    Third Generation Imaging Sensor System Concepts
  • 108.
    Lanz R., Muralt P, Rey-Mermet S.
    Bulk acoustic wave resonator operating at 8 GHz for gravimetric sensing of organic films
  • 109.
    Franzen S., Jon-Paul M. et all, Rhodes C.
    Surface plasmon resonance in conducting metal oxides
  • 110.
    Myszka D. G, Rich R.
    Survey of the 1999 surface plasmon resonance biosensor literature
  • 111.
    Robbes D
    Highly sensitive magnetometers – a review
  • 112.
    Roddy Dennis
    The use of impulse radar for fracture detection in rocks
  • 114.
    Lynn N. P, Rosenthal R.D.
    Investigation of Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Glucose
  • 115.
    Ruby R. C
    Thin Film Bulk Wave Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) for Wireless Applications
  • 116.
    Fredrickson L. et al, Mc Culloch K., Sabbah H.
    Detailed Data from a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) Facilitates Comprehensive Diabetes Management Recommendations
  • 117.
    Sachse H.B
    Semiconducting Temperature Sensors and their Applications
  • 118.
    Berry J. A, Shreiber V.
    Heat-induced changes of chlorophyl fluorescence in intact leaves correlated with domage of the photosynthetic apparatus
  • 120.
    Skyler J. S
    The economic burden of diabetes and the benefits of improved glycemic control: the potential role of a continuous glucose monitoring system
  • 121.
    all, Homola J. et, Slavik R.
    Novel spectral fiber optic sensor based on surface plasmon resonance
  • 122.
    Hetherington S. E, Smillie R. M.
    Stress tolerance and stress-induced in crop plants measured by chlorophyll fluorescence in vivo: chilling, freering, ice cover, heat and high light
  • 123.
    Nott R. M, Smillie R. M.
    Salt tolerance in crop plants monitored by chlorophyll fluorescence in vivo
  • 124.
    Spieler H
    Radiation Detectors and Signal Processing
  • 125.
  • 126.
    Artyukh A. S., Pirogova L. V., Starodub N. F., Starodub V. N
    Biospecific interactions on the optical transducer surface the base of infection diagnostics
  • 127.
    Katzev A. M. et al, Starodub N. F., Starodub V. M.
    Optical and electrochemical biosensors for express environmental monitoring
  • 128.
    Hunt W. D, Lee S.-H., Stubbs D. D.
    Vapor Phase Detection of Narcotic Using Surface Acoustic Wave Immunoassay Sensors
  • 129.
    Sturland I
    Development and commercialization of silicon MEMS gyroscopes
  • 130.
    Irudayaraj J., Ryan T, Subramanian A.
    Mono and dithiol surfaces on surface plasmon resonance biosensors for detection of Staphylococcus aureus
  • 131.
    Sundby Н. et al
    Temperature-dependent changes in antena size of photosystem II: reversible conversion of photosystem II? to photosystem IІ?
  • 132.
    Aso S, Ozawa F., Sugimoto W., Suzuki M.
    Miniaturization of SPR Immunosensors
  • 133.
    Terrence W. Barrett
    History of Ultra-WideBand (UWB) Radar & Communications: Pioneers and Innovators
  • 134.
    Tuivonen P., Vidaver W. Variable chlorophyll
    A fluorescence and CО2 uptake in water-stressed white spruce seedlings
  • 135.
    Ulrich K. Kalt
    aber feinfuhlig
  • 136.
    Barton J. K. et all, Chan E. K., Vargas G.
    Use of an agent to reduce scattering in skin
  • 137.
    Steven L. Jacques H. J. C. M. et all, Van Gemert M. J. C.
    Skin Optics
  • 138.
    McCrae D., Paliwal S., Simonian A, Viveros L., Wild J.
    A fluorescence-based biosensor for the detection of organophosphate pesticides and chemical warfare agents
  • 139.
    Voiculescu I
    Electrostatically actuated resonant microcantilever beam in CMOS technology for the detection of chemical weapons
  • 140.
    Buschmann J., Falkowski R. et al, Vonach R.
    Application of mid-infrared transmission spectrometry to the direct determination of glucose in whole blood
  • 142.
    Anderson R. R. and Parrish J. A, Wan S.
    Analytical modelling for the optical properties of the skin with in vitro and in vivo applications
  • 143.
    McCarthy S. L, Weber W. H.
    Surface-plasmon resonance as a sensitive optical probe of metal-film properties
  • 144.
    Weigel H. J
    The effect of high temperatures on leaf cells of valerianella
  • 145.
    Hastings J.W, Wilson T.
  • 146.
    Turner A. P. F, Wilson R.
    Glucose oxidase: an ideal enzyme
  • 147.
    Wydrzynski Е. А
    Effects of sodium and magnesium cations on the “dark” and light-induced chlorophyll A phluorescence yields in sucrosewashed spinach chloroplast
  • 148.
    Xiong B
    A novel bulk micromachined gyroscope with slots structure working at atmosphere
  • 149.
    Chen J. C, Wu C. H., Yang H.-C.
    Characteristics of integrated high-Tc superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer and gradiometer with serial array
  • 150.
    Yang M, Yao Z.
    A fast response resistance-type humidity sensor based on organic silicon containing cross-linked copolymer
  • 151.
    Ayazi F., Najafi K, Yazdi N.
    Micromashined Inertial Sensors
  • 152.
    Manfield I. W., Stockley P. G. and Van Vranken D. L, Yoburn J. C.
    A biaryl peptide crosslink in a MetJ peptide model confers cooperative nonspecific binding to DNA that ablates both repressor binding and in vitro transcription
  • 153.
    Clifford M, Young J.
    Using the sensing triple axis reference board (STAR)
  • 154.
    Menzi H. and Ullrich L, Zeisel D.
    A precise and robust quartz sensor based on tuning fork technology for (SF6)-gas density control
  • 155.
    Zhou W
    Simulation and design of piezoelectric microcantilever chemical sensors
  • 156.
    Barnicol W. K. R, Potzschke H., Zirk K.
    A Minitiaturisable High Sensitive Polarimeter as Detector of an Implantable Glucose Probe
  • 157.
    Александров К. С
    Пьезоэлектрические кристаллы для акустоэлектроники, пьезотехники и сенсоров
  • 158.
    Ализар А
    Миллионы сенсоров объединяются в сети
  • 159.
    Алмазов К
    Рыбопоисковые эхолоты: эволюция или революция?
  • 161.
    Апаев Б.А
    Фазовый магнитный анализ сплавов
  • 162.
    Зотов В. Д
    А. с. 1739402 СССР. Полупроводниковая структура и способ управления проводимостью полупроводниковой структуры
  • 163.
    Аpистаpхов В. М., Балаховский И. С
    Влияние глюкозы на инфpакpасный спектр воды (к вопросу о бескровном определении глюкозы в крови методом фотометрии тканей)
  • 164.
    Архипова В. М., Бережецький А. Л., Дзядевич С. В. та ін
    Дослідження та оптимізація кондуктометричних перетворювачів на основі планарної технології
  • 165.
    Єльська Г. В. та ін, Архипова В. М., Дзядевич С. В.
    Електрохімічні біосенсори на основі іммобілізованих холінестераз
  • 166.
    Ачильдиев В. М., Дрофа В. Н
    Комбинированный микромеханический вибрационный гироскоп-акселерометр для инерциальных измерительных систем
  • 167.
    Багдасарян А. С
    Импедансные ПАВ фильтры для сотовых систем связи
  • 168.
    Багдасарян А. С., Бурди А. И., Громов С. С
    Технические средства идентификации автомобилей на основе акустоэлектронных устройств
  • 169.
    Багдасарян А. С., Карапетьян Г. Я
    Импедансные фильтры на ПАВ
  • 170.
    Бардзокас Д. И., Зобнин А. И., Сеник Н. А., Фильштинский М. Л
    Математическое моделирование в задачах механики связанных полей. Статические и динамические задачи электроупругости для составных многосвязных тел
  • 171.
    Барсуков В. С
    Микросистемная спецтехника: интеграция и миниатюризация в одном флаконе
  • 172.
    Басина Н
    «Интеллект» на поток
  • 173.
    Бедненко Т., Клочан П, Корсунский В.
    Портативный хронофлуорометр для экспресс-диагностики фотосинтеза
  • 174.
    Бенилова И. В., Солдаткин О. П., Ушенин Ю. В. и др
    Дослідження ефективності іммобілізації нюхових рецепторів людини на сенсорному чипі за допомогою спектрометра ППР «PLASMON SPR-4М»
  • 175.
    Бочаров Л. Ю., Мальцев П. П
    Состояние и перспективы развития микроэлектромеханических систем за рубежом
  • 176.
    Брайон О. В., Китаєв О. І, Корнєєв Д. Ю., Снігур О. О.
    Інструментальне вивчення фотосинтетичного апарату за допомогою індукції флуоресценції хлорофілу: Методичні вказівки для студентів біологічного фак-ту К.: ВПЦ “Київський університет”, 2000. – 15 с
  • 177.
    Бугайова М. Е., Коваль В. М., Лазаренко В. Й. та ін
    Газові сенсори на основі оксиду цинку (огляд)
  • 178.
    Будадин О. Н., Троицкий-Марков Т. Е
    Технология комплексного теплового неразрушающего контроля зданий и строительных сооружений
  • 179.
    Будяк В. Н., Гончарук Г.С., Корсунский В. М., Снегур А. А. и др
    Метод и прибор с микропроцессорной обработкой информации для неинвазивного определения гемоглобина в тканях человека
  • 180.
    Бурдик В
    Анализ гидроакустических систем
  • 181.
    Варакин Л .Е
    Теория систем сигналов
  • 182.
    Варфоломеев С. Д
  • 183.
    Варфоломеев С. Д., Евдокимов Ю. М., Островский М. А
    Сенсорная биология, сенсорные технологии и создание новых органов чувств человека
  • 184.
    Васильев В. П
    Аналитическая химия (в 2 книгах). Книга 2: Физико-химические методы анализа
  • 185.
    Вибрационная диагностика
  • 186.
    Владимиров Ю. А., Потапенко А. Д
    Физико-химические основы фотобиологических процессов
  • 187.
    Владов М. Л., Старовойтов А. В
    Введение в георадиолокацию: Учебное пособие
  • 188.
    Войтович И. Д., Корсунский В. М., Мержвинский А. А. и др
    Особливості створення оптоелектронних вимірювальних каналів портативних приладів для неінвазійного визначення характеристик крові
  • 189.
    Войтович И. Д., Корсунский В. М
    Интеллектуальные сенсоры
  • 190.
    Войтович И. Д., Корсунский В. М
    На пути к созданию портативной автоматической системы регулирования глюкозы в крови
  • 191.
    Войтович И. Д., Корсунский В. М., Стародуб Н. Ф. и др
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