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Лекция 36:

Plans for Broadband Across the US

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3.2. Comprehension tasks

3.2.1. Match the following statements as True or False:

  1. It is the F.C.C. plan to make the US wireless network the world largest and fastest within ten years. Is it true?
  2. Although the Internet was invented in the US, its current rating in broadband access. is not high. Is it true?
  3. Other developed countries provide slower Internet service and less competitive prices. Is it true?
  4. A national highway system is mention in the text to compare the effect it made on national economy with that of expanding broadband networks. Is it true?

3.2.3. Choose the best list:

  1. Wireless transmission is necessary because it will:
    • expand service to some areas of the country
    • be important to business and job creation
    • be important to the areas like education and health care
  2. In order to pay for the plan the F.C.C. wants to:
    • force some TV stations to give up some frequencies
    • sell five hundred megahertz of spectrum
    • require ten times more unused spectrum
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