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On-line banking

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3.2. Match the following statements as True, False or Not Sated:

  1. The problem with accessing accounts online continued for two days. Is it true?
  2. The biggest problem was that online clients could not pay their bills. Is it true?
  3. The consequences of late payments were fines. Is it true?
  4. The problem was fixed by Tuesday evening. Is it true?
  5. Jacob Jegher explained what caused the glitch of the system. Is it true?
  6. The problem with some Bank of America customers was in January was cause by a cyber-attack. Is it true?
  7. It is not always possible to quickly fix the problem with online access to bank accounts. Is it true?
  8. Both banks and customers find it useful to go digital in banking. Is it true?
  9. The average age of those who prefer online banking is 55. Is it true?
  10. Roupen Demirdjian prefers online banking because he has got atrocious handwriting. Is it true?
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Альмира Мукашева

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