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3.2. Comprehension tasks

Using the information in the article, complete these statements

  1. Quoting on an email discussion list
    • is essential and its absence is considered impolite
    • must be avoided
    • is given only if past messages have not been read by participants
    • is accompanied with the context
  2. Which of the following rules are not mentioned in the text?
    • your language must be comprehensible
    • avoid using words which can be understood only by a small group of people
    • your messages should not be long
    • non-native English speakers must write in clear, understandable language
  3. If you are looking for technical help
    • you may expect that people will explain everything in detail
    • you may ask any questions you want
    • describe your problem in detail
    • you can find all necessary information in manuals and online help for the product
  4. Newcomers to the site can find useful information in
    • site protocol
    • their account
    • frequently asked questions section
    • manuals
  5. Which proverb best reflects the message in the last paragraph?
    • no pains, no gains
    • first impressions are most lasting
    • when in Rome do as the Romans do
    • haste makes waste
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