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Лекция 21:

Internet and its problems

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3.2. Comprehension tasks

Using the information in the article, complete these statements

  1. At the ceremony at the ICANN headquarters in Miami,
    • the IPv4 addresses were declared exhausted
    • the era of IPv6 addresses was launched
    • the Regional Internet Registries were to distribute the available addresses to their clients around the globe
    • the IPv6 addresses are difficult to write down
  2. The tiniest fraction of IPv6 addresses is in use because
    • this protocol requires advanced equipment
    • the Internet is likely to be switched off
    • Operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X do not work well
    • switching from IPv4 to IPv6 is seamless
  3. The solution to the scarcity of addresses that Comcast is currently testing, may result in
    • serious problems for all Internet users
    • lack of privacy for Internet users
    • inability for advanced users to exploit the Internet to full extent
    • close watch on the Internet usage
  4. Carrier Grade NAT is supposed to give an advantage to the ISPs because
    • they will get an opportunity to get rid of file-sharing problem
    • they will easily communicate with copyright holders
    • they will be able to make technological improvements
    • they will get government support
  5. The .com domain is expected
    • to be banned by countries that consider it offensive
    • to be used by the insane
    • to experience tough competition
    • to lose its popularity
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