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Лекция 4:

Buying a computer

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3.2. Comprehension tasks

3.2.1. Answer the questions to the text

  1. What is the realm of touch-screen interfaces?
  2. What prevented touch-screen devices to break into the consumer market in the 1990s?
  3. What challenges computer-makers can stumble across in the area of touch-screen standards development?

3.2.2. Match the following statements as True or False:

  1. Traditional input devices such as a keyboard and a mouse will be replaced by touch-screen interfaces. Is it true?
  2. The most appropriate input method is the combination of traditional input devices and touch-screen interface. Is it true?
  3. Touch-screen interface hasn't broke onto the public scene until both consumers and technologies were ready to accept it. Is it true?
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Сауле Бельгинова
Сауле Бельгинова
Альмира Мукашева
Альмира Мукашева

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