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Лекция 22:

How e-mail works

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3.2. Match the following statements as True or False:

  1. The introduction of the @ sign allowed e-mail to appear. Is it true?
  2. An E-mail client is a person you write to. Is it true?
  3. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or Pegasus seem to be preferred by the Internet users. Is it true?
  4. Depending on which type of client is used, it does four different things. Is it true?
  5. There are quite a few applications acting as servers. Is it true?
  6. The e-mail server acts as an intermediary in the e-mail sending process. Is it true?
  7. The server adds some extra data to the message. Is it true?
  8. Attachments sent via the e-mail should be texts. Is it true?
  9. Attachments are recommended not to include in the main body. Is it true?
  10. E-mail messages are sent in huge numbers. Is it true?
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