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Лекция 2:

Computer essentials

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3.2. Comprehension tasks

3.2.1. Answer the questions to the text

  1. What is a mainframe and where it can be found nowadays?
  2. What makes mainframe producing a good business for IBM?
  3. What is the future of mainframe-making?

3.2.2. Match the following statements as True or False:

  1. Mainframe computers are thought to be outdated and obsolete because of the recent fast developments in distributed systems, meaning networks of small and cheaper machines. Is it true?
  2. Large companies still use mainframes for their crucial applications because they are reliable, secure and easy to maintain. Is it true?
  3. Software companies file complaints accusing IBM of having abused its position in the mainframe market. Is it true?
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Сауле Бельгинова
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